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Originally Added on: April 12, 2013
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About this Scene
So you thought we were just going to have ONE smokin' hot big busted babe for your Friday pleasure?  Well, sorry to disappoint you, but one breathtaking babe with big tits is simply is not good enough for us on this day, especially when we can instead bring you TWO of the hottest, most unbelievably gorgeous huge breasted ladies you will ever lay eyes on.  The reason this video is a tiny bit later today than it normally would have been is that we made a game-time decision to bring in some extra firepower, so that you get not only the long tall woman in black that is 32G Alice Goodwin, but also the luscious 30GG Sammy Braddy who brings her big ones into the equation and really cranks up the wattage, and on that front, boy do these two ladies deliver!  Sultry posing, incandescently hot bods and bodacious big boobs abound in this one and simply watching these two marvelous women take off each other's bras is enough to bring us into the weekend with a smile and we think it will do the same to you.  You may have to wear shades just to watch these two ladies take it off because it's a scorcher, so let Alice and Sammy help you have a most excellent weekend!
On 07/02/2014 EnricoBi said: Alice Goodwin is a beautiful woman but her breast isn't natural so it can't be considered "perfect". I prefer Sammy Braddy's natural boobs.
On 03/28/2014 raysben said: I wish we can enjoy a video of her (Alice) playing more with her tits and nipples. That would be AWESOME!!! Pleeaaasssseeee!!!
On 03/22/2014 front202 said: WE NEED MORE OF ALICE GOODWIN!!!!!!!!!
On 10/31/2013 Riccardo said: Both girls have fantastic bodies BUT Alice Goodwin is in a class by herself. She is so unbelievably HOT. We need to see MORE of her (alone please) in a video.
On 08/20/2013 Hammerhead said: OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! We absolutely MUST have more video of Alice Goodwin!!!! She is the hottest model on this entire site!!! C'mon PUF .... Give us some hot solo video in the shower or in a bubble bath or with some baby oil! Anything to see Alice sensuously massaging those absolutely PERFECT breasts of hers!!!
On 07/25/2013 pringles89 said: such a great pair!
On 04/14/2013 tristan said: Sammie Braddy is INCREDIBLE, AMAZING, STUNNING and everything else. Everything about her makes me drop to my knees. Her eyes are pure seduction. This site needs more of her. Seriously! This video clearly supports my argument.
On 04/13/2013 SteveOh157 said: Not bad. Not bad at all.
On 04/13/2013 nodnof said: WOW! In my eyes, the 2 hottest girls here - playing together! Please bring a PHOTOSET of it !?!?!
On 04/12/2013 swisherhands said: thanks
On 04/12/2013 jbee34 said: WOW, holy wow. I love boobs!
On 04/12/2013 hubcap43 said: Sammy is really pretty in this video. 2 MegaBabes. We should have new sets each week. Good video quality!
On 04/12/2013 swisherhands said: God why are you teasing us like this!!!!!!!!!
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Alice Goodwin - Sammy Braddy - Bed and Bath 1
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