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Originally Added on: December 20, 2013
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About this Scene
Are we ever rolling in the awesome Christmas goodies or what? It is Friday and it is a week before the happy holidays arrive, and we here at PinupFiles are in a very jolly mood, thanks in no small part to the lovely and incredible 32GG Tessa Fowler who has those irresistible girl-next-door looks, drop-dead curvy body and two stupendous all-natural GG-cup Christmas goodies on her chest!  

Tessa’s beyond-belief big boobs are back and looking better than ever as she brings you this festive holiday video from her “Merry Christmas” shoot and seeing it in and of itself is a bit of a Merry Christmas of its own!   Tessa looks absolutely incredible in this sexy red négligée and her big tits are absolutely buoyant,  not to mention that incredibly beautiful smile of hers that lights up the room and pretty much anything she’s in,  and when she strips down out of that and reveals those incredible huge tits of hers…  well, you just have to see it. There is nothing more we can say that would do Tessa any more justice than simply watching her work her big boobie magic!

On 01/13/2014 Noreaster said: Damn! Tessa has such a gorgeous body. Then I see that sweet, angelic face and I feel guilty for the dirty thoughts she's making me think! Oh, well, I can live with a little guilt..
On 12/27/2013 Tenchi24 said: Tessa needs her own site.
On 12/22/2013 iant929 said: Tessa is a godess, perfect in every detail.
On 12/21/2013 busenclassic said: Tessa....the perfect Christmas present! Gorgeous sexy wench.
On 12/20/2013 lascombe said: Topsail ,the sexuality is god too ! All womans are Virgin mary for me . The first will be the last in the other reality, we will be prince of eternity .
On 12/20/2013 TOPSAIL said: Lascombe, no one refers to the Virgin Mary when talking about a hot chick. You need a different foreign language to English translator.
On 12/20/2013 front202 said: GIVE THIS WOMAN HER OWN WEBSITE!!!!
On 12/20/2013 lascombe said: What is the absolute beauty ? Tessa ! Because a perfect body. ok ! But a absolute intelligence in her eyes too ! The perfection ! the Virgin Mary !
On 12/20/2013 TOPSAIL said: Because it is the voluptuous, magnificently beautiful, thin and stacked Tessa, this video gets a 5....BUT...c'mon PUF...give us a Tessa video in which she plays to the camera. This is just a video of her photoshoot that was released on 12/9. And Tessa, baby, please take off those panties and give us a little view of that poon!!! God, this woman is beautiful!!
On 12/20/2013 Teazey said: Simply put, more, more, more...
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Tessa Fowler - Merry Christmas 1
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