Lorna Morgan - Vol. 21 - Set 1

Starring:Lorna Morgan

We feaurred her not long ago, in a long-lost video from our archives that had never been released before, and that ot us thinking...

"Where the hell are the photos from that shoot, anyway?" ;-)

Truth is, we've got so much fantastic unpublisehd stuff buried deep in our archives that it would probably take a lifetime to release it all, but here goes with this fantastic new photo set gem from the one and only 34HH Lorna Morgan!

Lorna is one of our original and very first models and she remains popular to this day with us and our members, so we couldn't resist but bring this one to you, as lovely Lorna busts out of her tight yellow cami top with those perfect huge natural tits of her's...

We think you'll love this one as much as we do!

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