Monica Mendez - Lap Dance POV 1

Starring:Monica Mendez

Added: Friday July 31, 2015

Our big HD video update for last weekend, where you all got a fabulous up-close experience of just what it was like to get your hands all over the awesome big tits of 32H Samanta Lily, was such a hit that we couldn't help but do a repeat performance... 

But this time with our in-studio and behind-the-scenes photographer/videographer extraordinare, 34G Monica Mendez of MonicaMendez.Com!

Many of you know that Monica is not only an astonishgly awesome model with  a pair of the best-looking big tits in the entire history of big tits, but she also shoots as a photographer and videographer here and many of the great videos you see here at PinupFiles are thanks to her.

But this time Monica turns that camera around and borrows a VERY lucky pair of hands to give us a stunning in-depth look at just what it's like to play with those incredibly huge breasts of her's.  They are so big and firm and luscious that you won't be able to help yourself... we ALL want to reach out and grab them! 

And don't forget to check out even more awesome stuff from Monica at her own website, MonicaMendez.Com where she will blow you away even further.

Big thanks, Monica!

Screenshots from this Video
Posted by luvflesh
I like the new hands-on approach at PUF!
Posted by blackman
Leanne Crow must do one of these (if she's willing). That would be epic.
Posted by HurricaneM
07/31/2015 please get September Carrino in for one of these videos.

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