Sha Rizel - Pinup Cami - Striptease 1

Starring:Sha Rizel

Added: Wednesday June 12, 2013

Who is ready for a serious big breasted Hump Day mid-week pick-me-up?  How about something all-nude as well?  Does that pique your interest?  What if we said that all-nude big busty pick-me-up came from the lovely and splendidly endowed 32H Sha Rizel?  Would you be on board for that?  Well the latest HD video treat that we have for you features Sha and her awesome big tits in all her (and their) incredible glory and you will not want to miss it!  Sha is utterly astonishing in this with her incredible curves, perfect round ass and pouty lips that are absolutely begging to be kissed.  Sha does a seriously classic busty strip tease in this one, playing with her slinky bra and panties before unleashing those enormous breasts and giving us a midweek eyeful that will definitely keep us going through the weekend and beyond.  Thank you, Sha!

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Posted by dgrdgr
I think I've said it before but I'll say it again. I love how uninhibited the Ukrainian models are! They seem totally comfortable going fully nude for shoots. Now if only PUF's British models would do the same! The Brits are my favorite busty models ever and have the best tits ever but none of them are willing to do this and that just sucks :(
Posted by big7gun
Hot damn she looked so hot in her big brassiere her big tits and panties ...please show more brassiere's lots they turn me on big tits in brassiere's alot
Posted by iant929
Truly awesome.
Posted by pinupfan
Dear Sha,
I would love to go on an expedition to explore all your hills and valleys. After that I would give you some lip gloss, laced with superglue, and practice mouth to mouth resuscitation with you. What a way go!

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