Tessa Fowler - Merry Christmas 1

Starring:Tessa Fowler

Added: Friday December 20, 2013

Are we ever rolling in the awesome Christmas goodies or what? It is Friday and it is a week before the happy holidays arrive, and we here at PinupFiles are in a very jolly mood, thanks in no small part to the lovely and incredible 32GG Tessa Fowler who has those irresistible girl-next-door looks, drop-dead curvy body and two stupendous all-natural GG-cup Christmas goodies on her chest!  


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Posted by Noreaster
Damn! Tessa has such a gorgeous body. Then I see that sweet, angelic face and I feel guilty for the dirty thoughts she's making me think! Oh, well, I can live with a little guilt..
Posted by Tenchi24
Tessa needs her own site.
Posted by iant929
Tessa is a godess, perfect in every detail.
Posted by busenclassic
Tessa....the perfect Christmas present! Gorgeous sexy wench.
Posted by lascombe
Topsail ,the sexuality is god too ! All womans are Virgin mary for me . The first will be the last in the other reality, we will be prince of eternity .
Posted by TOPSAIL
Lascombe, no one refers to the Virgin Mary when talking about a hot chick. You need a different foreign language to English translator.
Posted by front202
Posted by lascombe
What is the absolute beauty ? Tessa ! Because a perfect body. ok ! But a absolute intelligence in her eyes too ! The perfection ! the Virgin Mary !
Posted by TOPSAIL
Because it is the voluptuous, magnificently beautiful, thin and stacked Tessa, this video gets a 5....BUT...c'mon PUF...give us a Tessa video in which she plays to the camera. This is just a video of her photoshoot that was released on 12/9. And Tessa, baby, please take off those panties and give us a little view of that poon!!! God, this woman is beautiful!!
Posted by Teazey
Simply put, more, more, more...

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