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Added: June 26, 2013
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It has been a while since we featured a behind-the-scenes set here at PinupFiles and we thought it was high time that we brought this feature back because we have the lovely, luscious, big breasted 32GG Lana Kendrick, she of the nearly six foot tall frame and lithe dancer's body who happens to have a pair of the most knockout knockers we have ever seen and this new set taken from our "B Camera" gets all A's in our book, because Lana's splendid bod gets the full treatment it deserves.  


Sometimes we like these behind-the-scenes shots even more than the regular studio ones because they use only the ambient natural light that's right there on set and nothing else, which gives them this intimate, realistic quality that makes you want to reach out and grab the model because she feels like she's right there.  When you combine that with the varying angles and poses of the gal, especially with a suptumous beauty like Lana, it opens up a whole new world and gives such a fresh perspective on the shoot, because the B-camera is basically allowed to move anywhere and everywhere and boy did our photographer ever do that here.  Enjoy this fantastic alternate view of this stunning woman who deserves every fresh look imaginable!

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