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Added: May 3, 2017
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One of the big questions we always, always, ALWAYS get asked is...

"How big are _______'s boobs?"

Well, obviously they are all different, and other than to say they range from "big" to "huge" to "massive" the one commonality is that they all belong to some pretty awesome women behind them, and today we feature TWO of them together as 32K Leanne Crow (or is she bigger? ;-) gets her humongous boobs measured by none other than 32H Monica Mendez!

We can't recall exactly what Leanne's measurments are, if only because our heads are still swimming after watching this go down, but suffice to say that watching Monica try to wrap her arms around Leanne's mighty chest is truly a sight to behold. ;)

And don't forget to check out both of these fabulous busty babes and their own respective websites, LeanneCrow.Com & MonicaMendez.Com

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