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Added: February 6, 2013
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Not only does she have a pair of the greatest big tits of all time, but she also has one of the absolute most dynamic smiles we have ever seen and her pure photo charisma all but trumps the sheer impressiveness and magnitude of her awesome big boobs.  Yes, 34JJ Wendy Fiore is back again with us in another stunning new photo set, this time from a behind-the-scenes, and candids of Wendy and her awesome big ones are truly a sight to behold.  Finding a bra for Wendy has always been a bit of a challenge because she has that rare slim and stacked frame that is so notoriously hard to shop for, but the good news is that Wendy is a total champ and she pulls it off like few others can, because when you have huge all-natural breasts like her's, you definitely have to wear well and boy does Wendy ever do that!

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