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Jana Defi - Boob Proof

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Added: August 10, 2006
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A rebuttal regarding the lovely Jana Defi... About a month or so ago, a popular weblog made a big splash when it claimed to have "proof" that our model, Jana, had "fake" breasts and that her amazing frame and body was the result of "implants". The blog claimed that they had this proof because a "prominent Dallas, Texas plastic surgeon" (who refused to give his name) looked at her photos and video and concluded she was "fake" based on two things: 1) Jana's left breast has a "fold or crease" on the inside midline 2) That Jana had "suspicious scaring around the areolas" and that on many of her photos, these scars were concealed by "the use of digital airbrushing." Well, we here at PinupGlam knew for fact that Jana was 100% natural. And, not surprisingly, so did Jana. We also haven't seen any scars of any kind on her, and we've seen her up close and in person many, many times over. We also didn't take kindly to them calling us liars and implying that Jana, who's reputation and business as a model is based on being natural, would try to deceive her fans. Mostly though, we really objected to the WAY this blog presented itself: making it seem like it had fool-proof evidence based on inside information, of which, in reality, it had neither. There's a tendency about the internet that, when someone writes something and posts it online, people automatically assume it must be true, regardless of the facts. That quirk of human nature is evidently what this blog was counting on. The TRUTH (which this blog wasn't really interested in, apparently) is that Jana's breasts are 100% real and all-natural and, since we actually DO have access to Jana and thus the ability to irrefutably prove our claims, that's exactly what we did. So we enlisted the help of one of our other lovely models, Maggie Green as well as the expertise of Beverly Hills plastic & cosmetic surgeon Dr. Vishal Kapoor and a songram machine and decided to go about proving for REAL that Jana is just that: real. The first step Dr. Kapoor did was to examine Jana's breasts and body for potential scars, which we captured live and unedited on camera. There were, of course, NO SCARS to be found on her nipples, areolas, breasts, belly button or armpits. All of this was verified, live and on camera and in real time, by Dr. Kapoor. We're not sure what "scars" the blog or this "Dr. Dallas" thought they were seeing, but they clearly are not there. Perhaps this "Dr. Dallas" didn't give his name for good reason, as we can't imagine anyone wanting to have work done by a surgeon so incompetent he can't even identify a surgical scar. Nonetheless, it's all there on video for all to see -- no edits, no special effects, and certainly no "air brushing" as that sort of thing doesn't really work on video. Dr. Kapoor then went about palpating Jana's breast tissue on both sides in order to feel for an implant, and clearly said that none could be felt. "What I can feel is just dense breast tissue," said Dr. Kapoor "I don't feel anything at all that would resemble an implant." So what could that "fold" in Jana's breast be, if she doesn't have implants? Neither we nor Jana deny that the fold is there, as it can be seen in many of Jana's photos and we don't make any attempt to airbrush it out, but that doesn't automatically mean "implant" as Dr. Kapoor went on to explain. "As I'm examining her" Dr. Kapoor went on to say as he took a close look at the fold live for our camera "and I palpate this tissue, I feel nothing of the sort that would indicate there's an implant shell there. If anything, it's probably just the edge of her muscle fascia which is a dense outer covering of the muscle, which gives rise to the fold and when it's unstretched, as such is the case is here, it can mimic what would look like a ripple". But that was just the Doctor's opinion, based solely on a visual and palpate examination (but, it's important to note, that's a HELL of a lot more than the blog or "Dr. Dallas" had before they shot their mouths off). So how do we go about PROVING it, not just drawing an opinion? Very simple: a sonogram. Imaging hardware that can see directly into Jana's breast tissue and determine, without ANY doubt whatsoever, that she's 100% natural. So that's what we did. Jana got down on the table and our doctor did a full sonogram examination of both of Jana breasts, live and in real time for our camera, so everyone around the world could plainly see for themselves the verdict: that Jana has no implants of any kind and that her breasts are indeed 100% natural. "You can see that the white structures are actually fat intermixed with normal hyperglandular tissue of the breast" said the doctor as he slid the sonogram sensor around Jana's right breast. "And as I survey the breast, I see the same parenchyma throughout" said the Doctor. The Doctor went on to increase the depth of the machine, giving us a deeper look, so much so that you could actually see Jana's ribs and "the deeper structure of the pectoralis muscle". He went on to add "and I can see by doing the survey that the breast parenchyma is the same throughout" allowing him to conclude "there's no evidence of an implant in this right breast". The Doctor went on to conduct the exact same exam on Jana's left breast and got the exact same results: "throughout the (left) breast I don't see any evidence of an implant, so the left breast is also without evidence of an implant." And the conclusion? Maggie asked Dr Kapoor to sum it all up, and asked him "If she (Jana) did have implants, what would you see? (on the sonogram)" Dr. Kapoor gave us this answer: "Well, going back to the sonogram, when her breasts were being examined, there were reports that there was normal breast parenchyma, or breast tissue, that was diffusely (spread) throughout the whole breast on both sides. If there were indeed an implant there, there would be a very discreet black area... that would indicate that there was no continuity in the breast tissue. But, in fact, that was not the case." The doctor gave us one last bit of conclusiveness about the sonogram when he said "another tell-tale sign would be just the shell of the implant can often give rise to a fine discreet white line, but again, that wasn't the case. There appeared to be just a confluence of normal breast tissue throughout." And what about the fold? You know, the one that the blog used as its "evidence" that Jana had implants? What did the sonogram show that to be? "Having examined Jana's breasts, one thing that comes to mind is that she has very dense, very heavy natural breasts" Dr. Kapoor explained. "When there's that much weight or tension on the skin, you're bound to have some folding of the skin, which might mimic a ripple of an implant. But as we can see from clinical examination and ultrasonographic findings, there is no such finding of an implant." So there you have it: 100% REAL proof that Jana is 100% natural, not some bogus BS conjecture presented as fact by some blogger and "doctor" who've never met or seen Jana in their lives. The video of Jana's full exam, in all it's glory, is up in the members area at PinupGlam and the vidcaps here on this page are directly from that video. The blog about Jana stated that "we hate to be the bearer of this bad news, but we hate also being deceived." Well, we hate it when self-styled "experts" make wrong determinations based on bogus information and then go shouting them out to the world as if they were true. That blog may be a "no silicone zone" but we're a "no dumbasses zone" here at PinupGlam. To all our our members and Jana's fans who had doubts, we're sorry you were mislead by ill-informed people, and to those who always believed, both we and Jana thank you for your support. We'll always give you the truth and will never steer you wrong, we promise!

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