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Tessa Fowler - Blue Candy Stripes 3

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Added: June 17, 2019
Runtime: 12:58
Score: 5.0/5.0


Welcome to Monday, everyone!

We know that no one likes to hear those words, so to counter that, we will offer up just two more words:

Tessa. Fowler.

Yes, Tessa is back and doing a simply indescribable strip tease out of this sexy bra and... well, we'll just let her take it from here. :)

And be sure to check out a whole lot more awesomeness of Tessa at her very own exclusive website, TessaFowler.Com!


  • 4 years ago, @Franken said: Tessa Fowler, is the only and true goddess !
  • 4 years ago, @Masturbator said: I am 'STUNNED' by Tessa's videos. An immediate trip to my bedroom was in order. Placing my laptop at the foot of the bed a few pillows at the head. With a 'Boner and tight testicles' I take off all my clothes. I forgot the necessities so I hurry into the bathroom and get the vile of baby oil, Vaseline, and a box of kleenex. Lying on my bed buck naked and spread eagle I apply a liberal amount of the slippery stuff. My eyes are wide open and my tongue his hanging out as I 'Ogle' Tessa performing and begin 'Beating Off.' I can't hold it back my eyes start to close, my toes curl, I throw my head back and gasp as 'Sperm' shutters up my erect Penis and gushes out in great spurts. What an 'Orgasm'! Thank you Tessa and Pinupfiles. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

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